Hartlepool volunteers help Yorkshire flooding victims

Helpers from Hartlepool in Sowerby Bridge.
Helpers from Hartlepool in Sowerby Bridge.

A team of selfless volunteers from Hartlepool went on a mercy mission to help flooding victims in West Yorkshire.

Members of the group, calling itself Team Teesside, rolled up their sleeves and cleaned out sheltered accommodation homes in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, over two days.

Twenty-two helpers from Hartlepool, Stockton and Peterlee, travelled down and took a van full of cleaning gear donated by supporters after an appeal on Facebook.

It happened after Hartlepool businessman Ian Griffiths, who runs Bright Ideas Group, in Tower Street, and is from the Calder Valley, highlighted what flood victims were going through on Facebook.

Town resident Tony Mann saw Ian’s post and offered to go and pump out cellars and Hartlepool taxi driver Stephen Picton offered to get a cleaning crew together.

Stephen said: “I was inundated with people wanting to help. We asked where needed help and turned up at a sheltered housing complex.

“They were so happy to see us. Some people in downstairs flats had been moved out and some were in hotels.

“The team were absolutely amazing, everyone was fantastic. We were happy to clean a few homes out so the people can get back in and start rebuilding their lives.”