Hartlepool Water customers will see bills reduced

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WATER customers will see a reduction in their bills.

Hartlepool Water customers will see their annual bill drop by £11 on average after the company announced prices for the coming year will come down by 7.5 per cent.

The average annual bill will reduce to £133 per year, compared to £144, or just 36p per day.

Customers with a water meter will pay even less, with the average bill dropping to £117.

Anglian Water - which is the parent company of Hartlepool Water – made the cut as part of its promise to keep bills as low as possible, while at the same time delivering a multi-billion pound, five year investment programme to maintain and improve essential water and sewerage services for its customers.

This is all part of firm’s five year Business Plan to 2020 which is supported by more than 90 per cent of customers following the company’s biggest ever public consultation. The Plan focuses on investing in the areas that matter most to them, including a £60million war on leakage; increasing the number of homes choosing to pay by a meter; protecting customers and the environment from severe weather such as drought and flooding; and tackling the impacts of climate change.

Kevin Ensell, Hartlepool Water Operations Manager, said: “We know household budgets remain under pressure.

“So we believe this price cut is timely and coming at a time when customers tell us they need it most.”

“The company will continue to develop even more innovative and efficient ways of working which in the last five years has achieved significant efficiencies, savings from which are being returned to customers in lower bills.

Residents whose water is provided by Northumbrian Water are also set to have charges which claims to be amongst the lowest in the country.

Bills will increase by less than inflation with customers, on average, paying around £1 per day for all their drinking water and sewerage services.