Hartlepool woman goes back to the Stone Age in 10,000 BC TV show

Lucinda Stott from Hartlepool
Lucinda Stott from Hartlepool

A Hartlepool woman is heading back to the Stone Age to prove she’s made of strong stuff.

Lucinda Stott will be appearing on Channel 5’s 10,000 BC: Two Tribes which starts at 10pm tomorrow.

The 32–year–old was part of a team of 24 Brits who were sent to a remote Bulgarian forest to see if they could survive two months in the wilderness without their 21st Century home comforts.

In a promotional video for the show, the fitness instructor, who is part of the ‘Cray Tribe’, reveals her biggest challenge will be overcoming her fear of spiders.

She said: “For me my biggest challenger will be surviving spiders and not being attacked by them.”

In tomorrow’s episode the scouting party finds an abandoned camp by a lake and persuade the others to move - unaware that a second tribe will be arriving in 24 hours’ time and that this is their allotted camp.

The show will be aired for 10 episodes.