Haunted pub makes Famous 100 list

A POPULAR pub in Hartlepool is one of just 100 throughout Britain to be named on a prestigious list.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel, in Durham Street, on the Headland, Hartlepool, was named in the Famous Grouse Famous 100, a list put together by the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The collection of pubs is the result of a search to find places to drink which stand out from the ordinary and offer something unique.

The Cosmopolitan was the only Teesside drinking spot to be named in the list, and was one of just 11 across the North-East and Yorkshire.

Jane Fleming, who owns the pub alongside her husband, Tim, was not aware they had been named on the list until one of her regulars mentioned they had seen it.

Jane, 52, who lives in Manor Terrace, Hartlepool, said: "I got a phone call not so long ago mentioning something about the pub being named on a list, but I had just got back from holiday and I had broken my arm so at the time I didn't really take it in.

"But when one of my customers told me they had seen it, I realised it may actually be quite a big deal."

The list is chosen after the Telegraph reviews a large number of pubs which have received nominations.

But Jane did not actually know the pub had been nominated and reviewed.

In the Famous 100 brochure listing the pubs, The Cosmopolitan is credited for its famous haunted history.

The list also mentions the popularity of the hotel during the Tall Ships Races earlier this year.

Jane, mum of Jamie, 32, Kirsten Clayton, 30, and Tim, 26, said: "The history of the pub and the ghosts seem to interest a lot of people.

"We get a lot wanting to stay in the hotel for that reason.

"People can't actually get into the tunnels under the pub, but if someone asks, we let them go down in to the cellar and have a look around at their own risk to see if they can see anything."

Jane, who took over the running of the pub around eight years ago, added: "I had never ever showed an interest in going in to the pub industry.

"But when the Cosmopolitan went up for sale. Kirsten mentioned it to me and said we should make an offer.

"Now the pub is our life and we wouldn't change a thing."