Have a flippin’ great feast this Pancake Day

GOLDEN syrup, lemon juice, sugar and chocolate sauce.

The delicious toppings will all be making an appearance tomorrow from the back of the cupboard for Pancake Day.

Goloden Lion head chef dave Clarke pictured tossing a perfect pancake.

Goloden Lion head chef dave Clarke pictured tossing a perfect pancake.

A chef in Hartlepool, who has been hard at work in preparation for Shrove Tuesday, is offering a few timely words of advice to budding Gordon Ramsays and Jamie Olivers before they put on their aprons and get to work.

Dave Clarke, head chef at the Golden Lion pub, in Dunston Road, Hartlepool, claims pancakes are the easiest thing in the world to make and with two eggs, flour, milk, a non-stick pan and a spatula you can have the perfect snack in a matter of minutes.

Dave, 33, a dad-of-three who lives in Bishop Cuthbert, said: “Practice makes perfect but pancakes really are very easy for people to make.

“Free range eggs and a non-stick pan help to make the best pancakes. Metal kitchen instruments always make it easier as well.

“But be creative, that would probably be my best bit of advice, there are so many different toppings you can enjoy with your pancake.”

Dave, who has worked at the pub since 2005, is expecting to have to put his skills to the test come tomorrow night when pancakes go up on the specials board.

But with a host of tried and tested fillings the chef and his colleagues are confident they will go down a treat.

Dave added: “Everyone has their own favourite filling.

“I think blueberry with creme fraiche is lovely but there are so many options.

“Chocolate sauce obviously always proves popular.”

Dave said pancakes are a popular choice with the punters throughout the year when they appear on the desert menu.

But he said they don’t necessarily always have to be eaten after the main course.

“I always tell people that pancakes can be savoury as well,” he added.

“You can grill them with bacon and cheese and add a touch of salt, they are delicious.

“But I do think it will be the sweet option which people go for on Tuesday night.”