Have your say on landfill plan

Seaton Meadows Landfill
Seaton Meadows Landfill

PEOPLE are being given another chance to comment on a bid by a landfill site to increase the height of dumped waste.

Bosses at Seaton Meadows landfill site, which deals with hazardous and non-hazardous waste, are seeking planning permission from Hartlepool Borough Council for the increase.

It comes after the height of waste exceeded the limits allowed under its current permission from dealing with fires at the site, in Brenda Road, Hartlepool five years ago.

The application was originally lodged with the council in August 2010, but has still not been decided after the Environment Agency asked for more information and to allow for talks between the council and the applicant Alab Environmental Services.

Now local residents and interested parties can comment on changes after a new consultation period was launched at the request of local councillors.

The plan seeks to increase the final height of the tip after settlement from around 60ft to just over 85ft.

The land will be developed into a nature reserve when the landfill operations end.

Papers submitted by the agents for Alab said: “The proposed vertical extension is required as a consequence of emergency works undertaken during 2007 to extinguish a fire within the previous deposited waste.

“As a consequence of these emergency works the landform attained heights that would result in the post settlement contours exceeding the consented levels.”

The papers said the only suitable place to move the burning waste was on top of previous waste.

Dealing with the fire also took longer than expected so the temporary placement of incoming waste “inadvertently became higher than consented”.

The agents say if they have to reduce the height of the tip it could cause the fire to re-ignite.

Alab is also asking for permission to keep previously over-tipped asbestos where it is and incorporate the change in landscape into the new restoration scheme.

It says the bulk movement and handling of hazardous materials should be avoided to reduce the risks to people and the environment.

The agents say the application represents a “relatively minor” height increase and do not seek to extend the life of the site past 2030.

People have until Wednesday, May 2, to comment on the application.