Have your say on sea defences

PEOPLE are urged to view and have their say on plans for the next stage of an ongoing project to strengthen the sea defences on Hartlepool’s Headland against the effects of coastal erosion and flooding.

Following initial consultation, detailed plans have now been developed for a new reinforced inside wall, plus floodgates and an underground drainage system, along the Town Wall walkway to help protect about 230 properties in the area from flooding in severe storms.

Residents can have their say on the plans by the end of the month.

The new inside wall would replace the existing inside wall and railings and it’s proposed that it would be part-clad in natural stone and have a small handrail on top. The new wall would be a height of 2ft 4 inches above the walkway – lower than the height of the Town Wall above the walkway.

When there is a risk of waves coming over the top of the Town Wall, the floodgates at either end of the walkway would be closed, creating a channel to catch any seawater, which would then be run off through the drainage system under the walkway and quickly returned to the sea via an outfall.

Hartlepool Mayor Stuart Drummond said: “The aim is to put forward the plans for consideration by the council’s cabinet and for planning approval early next year, so we would be grateful if people could send us their comments.”

The inside wall scheme, the concrete groynes and the concrete protection which has been put in place along the outside base of the Town Wall are being funded by a £1.3m grant from the Environment Agency.

People can find out more about the plans and comment on them at www.hartlepoolcoastal.com.

Alternatively, contact Dennis Hancock, the council’s principal engineer of environmental issues, on (01429) 523207 or email dennis.hancock@hartlepool.gov.uk