Having a say on rubbish

Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson

THE emotive subject of rubbish collections saw and influx of comments on the Mail’s website from readers giving their opinions.

People reacted after Hartlepool councillor Peter Jackson hit back at comments made by the Government’s Communities Secretary Eric Pickles who said he wants to see an end to fortnightly pick ups.

Coun Jackson said Hartlepool has seen a huge rise in recycling rates since it introduced fortnightly collections of household waste and is saving thousands in landfill charges by retaining alternating weekly collections of rubbish and recycling.

But readers took to the Mail’s website to air their views on the matter.

Clav73 wrote: “The problem is sometimes the household rubbish needs collecting every week such as Christmas/New Year and in the summer when the smell of the rotten food is attracting rodents and other pests and over winter the brown bin is a waste of time.”

H8876467 said: “We are a family of two adults and two children. We manage perfectly well with the current system. Never have any problems at all. It is misleading to say that we have fortnightly collections, we don’t, our rubbish is collected every week - household non-recyclable one week, recyclable the next.”

Mr Mister said: “I understand some households have problems, but in this household we recycle and have no rubbish issues. In fact since the new grey bin, it makes me want to recycle. Why have the cost of returning to weekly?

Ever Hopefull wrote: “As a family man in Hartlepool the fortnightly collections are a disgrace. I have maggots in my bins in the summer months and have to take bags to the skips to try and reduce the hazard. I still have to pay full council tax even though it now costs me to maintain a hygienic standard around my bins.

“I would still recycle to the same level as I do now. I bet there are a lot of people doing the same as me.

“Bring back weekly collections.”

Moondoggy said: “Fortnightly collections may suit some, but what about those of us with young families who will obviously generate more refuse than a single person or couple without children.

“As long as the recycling bins are there people will still recycle regardless of whether weekly collections are reinstated. I don’t know why Mr Jackson’s view is that the people have embraced fortnightly collection its not as if we have any choice.”

Prole wrote: “Why would I recycle less if I have a big grey bin next to my green and brown one. Not that I have seen any direct benefit from recycling.

Weekly collections are civilised, HBC are not.”