Head to toe health

Podiatrist Tracy Walker and dietician Anna Pickens with members of Hartlepool Diabetes Group
Podiatrist Tracy Walker and dietician Anna Pickens with members of Hartlepool Diabetes Group

MEMBERS of a group that supports sufferers of diabetes have been receiving tips about the importance of foot care and diet.

Podiatrist Tracy Walker, who is based at the One Stop Shop on the first floor of One Life Hartlepool, visited members of Hartlepool Diabetes Group, which meets every two weeks at Hartlepool Central Library, in York Road.

The group, which is also open to people from East Durham, was also visited by Anna Pickens, a dietician based at the University Hospital, who gave dietry tips on sugar, fat and carbohydrate content and the new “traffic light” system which labels food according to its level of sugar, salt, saturated fat and other fat.

Anna also weighed people and gave advice on diabetes information courses.

Hayley Hakansson, the group’s facilitator, who has been a member since she was diagnosed with diabetes three years ago, explained the link between diabetes and feet.

She said: “Foot problems can affect anyone who has diabetes, whether they are being treated with insulin, tablets, non-insulin injections or diet and physical activity.

“People with diabetes are more likely to be admitted to hospital with a foot ulcer than with any other complication of diabetes.

“This is because diabetes may lead to poor circulation and reduced feeling in the feet.

“It is important to understand how foot problems develop and how they can be prevented or detected early so that they can be treated successfully.

“Our group were really interested and the information was very useful.”

The group’s annual general meeting, which was due to take place this Friday, has been cancelled following a family bereavement.

A rescheduled meeting is planned for January.

The group meets on alternate Fridays from 10am-noon in the library’s community room.

For more information, visit www.hartlepooldiabetesgroup.org.uk or call 07818132671.