Headland walk is a ghostly success

Joanne Banks
Joanne Banks

GHOSTHUNTERS had a spooky time during a guided tour of some of the Headland’s most historic locations at the weekend.

Joanne Banks led the walk, which started at St Hilda’s Church and moved to venues including the masonic Hall, The Cosmopolitan and the Borough Hall.

A total of 14 people took part in the two-hour walk, and Joanne said it was a such a success that she is keen to get involved with similar events in the future.

Joanne said: “It was a fantastic evening, the only problem was we didn’t have enough time.

“I got interested in the history of the Headland through a Facebook page, and it all started from there really.

“Someone suggested this type of thing would be popular, so I decided to do something about it.

“Kevin Kelly joined us, he is a Headland historian, and there were some really interesting stories about the places we visited.

“It was all very eerie, we did some things by candlelight to add to the atmosphere and we were delighted to be able to get into the Masonic Hall and The Cosmopolitan to see if we could see any activity.

“I had some orbs which were changing colour on my camera, and it was all very atmospheric.”

Joanne added: “I can’t think of a more historic place than the Headland, it is the ideal place to do something like this as it is steeped in history. The reaction at the end was great as everyone clapped, and it is something I will definitely try and organise for another time.”

Proceeds from the walk, which people paid to take part in, will be handed over to the Red Dreams charity.