999 man removed from ambulance service after patient death probe


A PARAMEDIC who did not take a dying patient straight to hospital has been removed from an ambulance service.

Mark Lakinski stopped at an ambulance station to hand the patient over so he could finish work, instead of taking him to the University Hospital of North Tees, in Stockton. The man suffered breathing difficulties after the hand-over and suffered a fatal heart attack in hospital.

The incident, in May 2009, was originally heard by the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) in July 2010, when Mr Lakinski was suspended for a year.

In January 2014, the Council heard Mr Lakinski, from Billingham, no longer wanted to work as a paramedic and a ‘Voluntary Removal Agreement’ was put in place for him to leave. It was decided at a hearing on Wednesday to allow him to go and to not pursue matters any further.

The ruling by the panel stated: “Having given the matter very careful consideration, and having weighed all of the matters just identified, the panel has determined that the balance falls in favour of permitting the voluntary removal, particularly as there is an unequivocal admission of the allegations and it will be known that Mr Mark P Lakinski will no longer be on the paramedic part of the Council’s register and will no longer be able to practise as a paramedic.”