'Absolute disgrace' - readers react to prescription pilot at Hartlepool chemist

Many of you disagreed with the pilot.
Many of you disagreed with the pilot.

A pharmacy in Hartlepool is testing out a pilot scheme which charges patients for prescriptions to be delivered.

Mail readers have reacted to the scheme - with 79% of those who took part in an online poll revealing that they would not pay for the home delivery service.

Branches of LloydsPharmacy across the country are asking patients to pay for home delivery in a bid to save money - but the Hartlepool branch in Wynyard Road is part of a further national trial which asks all patients, regardless of age or circumstance, to pay for the service.

Speaking about the pilot, a spokesman for Lloyds said: "The cost for a six-month delivery service is £35 or £60 for 12 months.

“Patients can also collect their medicines in person from LloydsPharmacy where they can receive expert advice and services from their pharmacy team.

“Alternatively, they can register online to receive postal delivery free of charge.”

Here's how you reacted to the story on social media:

Geoff Hare: "Absolute DISGRACE some people may not need medications delivered every month especially when GPs tend to give two-monthly supplies that would mean on a 12 month payment of £60 you're paying a fiver for nowt. Total RIP OFF. Poor pensioners targeted again.Thought this town was supposed to be on the verge of POVERTY."

Roy Downing: "Half the people could probably manage to get the prescription so what’s the fuss?"

Margaret Russell: "It was always just a matter of time before this happened. Sooner or later they will all follow suit."

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Sharon Simpson: "It's getting pathetic, if you pay for prescription, which I do, had an op on my knee couldn't walk got mine delivered shocking they wanting to charge for it."

Pamela Radford: "It's simple it's people power, stop getting your prescription from Lloyds go to another chemist and they will soon change once they have no customers."

Gary David Blackburn: "People will transfer to another chemist that doesn't charge. Could make Lloyds go Bust if they don't revert back to being free delivery."

Steff Price: "You can get NHS prescriptions delivered for free, not sure how they can charge if there’s a free service out there."