BEST OF HEALTH AWARDS: ‘Ann is an inspirational ray of light’

Ann Lawton.
Ann Lawton.

A LIGHT in times of complete darkness. They’re the inspirational words used to describe Ann Lawton.

The 49-year-old nursing assistant works within the Hartlepool Affective Disorder Team, helping people with mental health problems.

It’s a job which Ann, from Durham City, admits can be “stressful”.

But she and her colleagues have been praised by a member of the public as “showing immense courage and humility.”

Ann has been nominated for the Nurse of the Year category in this year’s Hartlepool Mail Best of Health awards.

The person who submitted the award said: “I wish to nominate Ann because I think she represents all that is great about our National Health service.”

He added: “Ann together with the rest of the Community mental health team continue unfazed and show immense courage and humility to shine a much-needed and life-saving ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel.

“And for people like me who often find themselves in complete darkness this light is simply life-saving.”

Ann who has been in the healthcare profession for 25 years, said: “I was shocked to be nominated but it is nice to know that we have made a difference.”

But Ann stressed: “It’s a team effort and I must stress that. I could not do my job without the support of my colleagues.”

Ann’s work involves seeing patients in their homes, providing assessments and intervention, and singposting people on to other services.

Team leader Jayne Gardner said: “I amso proud of Ann and the team.

“There remains a lot of stigma regarding mental ill health even though one in four of is will be diagnosed with a mental illness in our lives.”

She said Ann was “passionate about ensuring the people of Hartlepool are given the best care and support”.

It could not be easier for people to nominate their favourites from all sections of the health system.

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Entries will be taken in the following categories:

GP of the Year;

GP Practice of the Year;

Dentist of the Year;

Nurse of the Year;

Team of the Year;

Optometrist of the Year;

Pharmacist of the Year;

Carer of the Year;

Midwife of the Year;

Receptionist of the Year;

Long Term Achievement;

Health Care Apprentice/Student.

Judges are looking for evidence of how nominated teams and individuals have consistently delivered high quality patient-centred services and/or examples of demonstrating an excellent attitude towards patients in the Hartlepool area.

The nomination forms will also be made available in reception areas, waiting rooms and other general areas over the next few weeks.

Send your completed forms to Lynn Wild, Echo House, Sunderland, SR4 9ER. The deadline for entries is Monday, May 6, and nominations can be made by members of the public or colleagues.