Breakdown of what is left at the University Hospital of Hartlepool

The University Hospital of Hartlepool
The University Hospital of Hartlepool

HERE is what is left at the Univesrity Hospital of Hartlepool:


Floor 1:

Wards 1 and 2 vacant but office accommodation will be relocated from the Hart Building. There is also office accommodation on Floor 1 for family health directorate. (Medical staff, medical secretaries, managers and clinical coding).

Floor 2:

All areas, wards 3 and 4, are in use.

Ward 4 is combined elective unit (surgery and orthopaedics) and Ward 3 is the Holdforth Unit, opened in October following the centralisation of critical care and general medicine at the University Hospital of North Tees.

It means that patients from the Hartlepool and Easington area who are admitted as a medical emergency to the University Hospital of North Tees can be transferred to the unit for the final part of their hospital stay.

There is also associated offices, pregnancy assessment clinic and early pregnancy assessment unit, Homeward service - support for people who have been discharged from orthopaedic operations. Day case recovery ward.

Floor 3:

Ward 5 is vacant but some community services office accommodation is being relocated there from the Hart Building.

Ward 6 is occupied by psychology services, orthopaedic and surgical secretaries, adult safeguarding, respiratory nurses and consultant offices.

Floor 4: Unoccupied

Wards 7 and ward 8 are vacant. Patient record storage may be relocated to this area from the Hart Building.

St Hilda’s Wing:

Ward 9 is not used.

Ward 10 is used by day case recovery ward, but that is relocating to the critical care area next to the main theatres. At that point, ward 10 will close.

Ward 11 is also vacant.

Services on the University Hospital of Hartlepool site do include:

Birthing centre;

Maternity day assessment and outpatients;

Assisted reproduction unit;



Children’s day unit and children’s outpatients;

Medical rehabilitation day unit;

Cardiac investigations unit;

Angiography unit;

Radiology - main X-ray, CT scanner, MRI;

General outpatients services;

Orthopaedic outpatients;

Rutherford Morison Day Unit (day surgical unit);





Occupational therapy;

Wheelchair services;

Surgical pre-assessment and access lounge;