Diabetes lifestyle changes

A DIABETES charity is urging people to look at their health this new year to see if they are at risk of developing the disease.

Diabetes UK says the new year is the perfect time to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Experts believe 1,900 people in Hartlepool are suffering from diabetes they do not know they have.

Chief executive Barbara Young said: “The new year is a good time to assess your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in the future and for people living with diabetes to review your self management and the care you’re receiving.”

More than half of people tested for diabetes at a public event in Hartlepool earlier this year were referred to a doctor after they were discovered to be at risk of developing the disease.

Type 2 diabetes develops when the body does not produce enough insulin or when the body is unable to effectively use insulin being produced.

The charity says regular exercise and a healthy diet can reduce the risk.