Double health scare for mum and baby

Elizabeth and Noah Turnbull
Elizabeth and Noah Turnbull

A MUM and son were rushed to hospital within days of each other in a dramatic double health scare.

Hartlepool mum-of-one Elizabeth Turnbull, 23, – who won the Mail’s Bride of the Year competition this year – could not walk when a crippling pain shot down her left leg in early December.

She spent a weekend in hospital in Hartlepool while doctors assessed her. She is now waiting for appointments with an orthopaedic specialist.

At the same time, her 14-month-old son Noah developed an infection and then a virus on his bottom which became so painful he was given oral morphine.

He was first seen at One Life Hartlepool before being admitted to the University Hospital of North Tees where he spent five days, only coming home a week before Christmas.

Elizabeth – from the Chester Road area and who married husband Liam Turnbull, 23, in a £10,000 wedding at the Grand Hotel in September – said: “Noah was really poorly and needed intravenous antibiotics.

“It was one of those things where he got stuck in a horrible loop. He had an infection, and then a virus and then an infection again. It kept manifesting from one to the other but I have to say, the staff at North Tees were fantastic.”

Elizabeth’s own treatment was transferred to North Tees so she could be by Noah’s side.

She has had a long-running ordeal of health problems. In November 2010, she was hours from death shortly after giving birth to Noah.

Her left leg turned black and she was rushed to the University Hospital of North Tees with four clots on her left lung, two on her right lung, and deep vein thrombosis in her leg.

She pulled through thanks to the support of her family and Liam.

But Elizabeth’s health fight continued after her wedding, including the latest crippling pain in her leg.

She said: “I am waiting to find out exactly what is wrong in my case but they have said it is something to do with my hip.

“They do know, though, that it is not the deep vein thrombosis that I had before. I have to see an orthopaedic specialist as soon as an appointment comes through.”

Elizabeth is a support worker for people with learning disabilities, but is currently on sick leave for

a month.

She said the double blow for her and her son were part of a whirlwind year in which the highlight was the wedding organised by photographer Robert Usher and backed by the Hartlepool Mail.

Elizabeth added: “It was such a fantastic day. Liam still gets people stopping him in the street and asking him if he was the man in the Mail wedding.”