Family show weigh to go

Personal trainer Jason Bland puts the Jukes family through their paces
Personal trainer Jason Bland puts the Jukes family through their paces

THE Jukes family have an extra spring in their step this summer after shedding almost 10 stone between them.

Mum Carolyn, dad Kenny and their son Thomas decided to help each other out after growing tired of the excess pounds weighing them down.

The Owton Manor family enlisted the help of a personal trainer and a healthy eating plan – and have lost a total of nine-and-half stone since last October.

They say losing the bulge has transformed their lives.

Tesco worker Carolyn has lost the most, shedding six-and-a-half stone and she is delighted with her new figure.

The 39-year-old, who has gone from a size 20-22 dress to a 12-14, said: “It has been a real family effort and I am proud of all our efforts.

“I have done diets in the past which have worked, but then I have just put it all back on.

“But this time round has been different because it has been about educating ourselves and changing the way we eat.

“It is not a diet, more of a healthy eating plan. Cutting down on the carbs has also made a real difference.

“I was heavy and uncomfortable before, but I now look and feel totally different.”

Carolyn, who wants to lose a further stone, did not want to reveal her exact weight.

Husband Kenny, 47, who works for Weatherproof Windows, lost just over a stone to take him from 15st to 13st 10lbs.

Carolyn said: “My husband plays Saturday league football and he has seen a big difference in his ability to get around the pitch.”

Meanwhile, 17-year-old son Thomas, who attends Hartlepool Sixth Form College, has shed just over two stone to take him down to 13st 10lbs from 15st 11lbs.

Thomas said: “I feel much fitter and healthier and I referee on a Sunday so it helps me get round the pitch more easily.”

In a bid to shed the pounds, the family enlisted the help of personal trainer Jason Bland who runs Look Great, Feel Great Fitness.

The trio have been taking part in the high-intensity group gym sessions at English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College, in Catcote Road, and also learning more about healthy eating.

Jason, 24, from the Rossmere area of Hartlepool, said: “I am very proud of all their efforts.

“When Carolyn started out she was one of the biggest pains I have worked with because she always used to moan, but she has gone from strength to strength.”

Jason, who said he teaches his students the benefits of performing exercise, healthy eating and proper nutrition, added: “The results speak for themselves.

“There are no crash diets and they can still have a cheat day once a week.

“It is about educating people.”

Carolyn, who no longer buys crisps and chocolate bars, added: “We want to say a big thank you to Jason as he has helped me get to where I was looking to be.

“Kenny and Thomas feel exactly the same.”

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