Flu hotspots map shows 'very high' reports in parts of Hartlepool as Aussie flu strain hits UK

Red indicated the highest level of reports
Red indicated the highest level of reports

A map showing flu hotspots, including the potentially Aussie flu strain which has arrived in the UK, has shown parts of Hartlepool among the areas with the highest cases reported.

The interactive map shows the areas with the worst outbreaks of the illness reported.

Updated every three minutes, the map shows all types of the flu bug, including the potentially deadly Aussie flu strain which has arrived in the UK.

The map indicates a gradient of no reports (blue) to "very high reports" (red) of all types of flu as reported by users.

The map shows the majority of the central Hartlepool area, Hart Village and the other northern areas of the town, and Dalton Piercy, Wolviston, and other western parts in red.

East Durham is also almost entirely shown in the "very high" bracket.

Users upload reports themselves, and the data from the FluSurvey map is used by scientists at Public Health England and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

How does your area compare? You can zoom in on your area by clicking here.

Public health officials have warned people who are eligible for a free flu vaccine to get it ‘without delay’.

People should recover from normal flu within a week or so, although some symptoms like a cough can last longer. If you are still ill after seven days, it is a possible indication of a more serious sickness.