GP denies making ‘man boobs’ jibes and smacking woman’s bottom

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A GP denied telling a woman “he’s nearly got bigger ones than you” after examining her overweight son’s “man boobs”, at a hearing today.

Dr Amit Banerjee from Wynyard, is accused of sexually motivated behaviour towards the woman, known as Patient A, on several occasions between 1995 and 2008.

The medic is also accused of smacking the woman’s bottom when she was being weighed, telling her to take her knickers off and conducting a breast examination without recording notes and with no chaperone present.

The GP, who retired last year, is facing a fitness to practise hearing at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, where he is accused of misconduct.

Dr Banerjee today (Fri) told the panel he has no recollection of any of the consultations when the alleged incidents occurred, but strongly denied he would behave in such a way.

Patient A earlier told the panel that she had attended the surgery in 2008 with her then 19-year-old son who had concerns about his weight and was uncomfortable with his “man boobs”.

After examining the teenager’s chest behind a screen, Patient A claims Dr Banerjee looked at her “straight in the eye” and said: “He’s nearly got bigger ones than you.”

But according to the patient’s notes, the examination, which the doctor admits, happened two years earlier in 2006 when the boy was 17.

“I can’t remember any of those consultations. It was so long ago and I have seen many thousands of patients,’ Dr Banerjee said giving evidence. I can’t remember that exact consultation that day. That kind of word I have never used to any human being, to any patient, ever. I would not make this kind of remark to anybody. Let alone a patient.”

The mother-of-six made an official complaint in 2009 about the alleged comment to her son as well as a later incident in which she claimed Dr Banerjee deliberately smacked her bottom when she was being weighed.

He was suspended by the PCT in 2010 as a result of the allegations and in a statement to police said: “I didn’t comment he had bigger boobs than his mother’s and would not use those words.”

The GP denies smacking Patient A’s bottom but admits he could have brushed up against her accidentally in the course of a legitimate examination.

“I have never ever smacked any woman’s bottom, indeed anybody’s bottom, let alone the patient,’ said Dr Banerjee.

“I have never smacked any female’s, or male’s for that matter, bottom. I may touch a patient I know very well on the shoulder or side of the back.”

Dr Banerjee has admitted failing to make a note in the patient’s records of an internal examination and a breast check, but maintains this was not done to hide the fact they took place.

Several of the original allegations have been dropped after the panel decided there was insufficient evidence to make a decision on the facts.

The hearing continues.