Hartlepool and Stockton hospitals to display staff numbers on wards for ‘transparency’

The University Hospital of Hartlepool
The University Hospital of Hartlepool

THE number of staff working on a health trust’s hospital wards will soon be displayed for patients and their families to see.

Bosses at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust say they want to be more “transparent” when it comes to communicating its staffing levels with patients and members of the public.

The issue was discussed at a board of directors meeting held at the University Hospital of Hartlepool, in Holdforth Road.

Cath Siddle, director of Nursing, Patient Safety and Quality, said she hoped to have the boards displayed in the New Year detailing how many staff the Government recommends for each particular hospital ward, compared to the actual number of nurses, for example, who are working in a particular day.

She said: “The boards will enable us to disclose our required staffing levels and our actual staffing levels at any one time.

“It will demonstrate to nurses, visitors, patients and to anyone else who is walking through the wards, the number of staff that should be on the ward and the number of staff that are there.”

She added: “I believe that this will provide real transparency.

“It will help put the right people in the right place at the right time.

“The boards will say what their names are, who’s in charge and who patients can go to for whatever reason, and also see that the staffing levels on that ward meet the needs of the patients.

“As well as helping the patients and their families, it also brings to the staff an expectation that things are right.”