Hartlepool singer performs at addiction conference after turning life around

Sarah Fitzpatrick performs at the Addaction National Conference in London.
Sarah Fitzpatrick performs at the Addaction National Conference in London.

A Hartlepool singer songrwriter and vocal coach who is successfully battling the bottle performed in front of a national conference.

Sarah Fitzpatrick, 23, is in recovery thanks to Addaction, which operates out of HART (Hartlepool Action Recovery Team).

Sarah Fitzpatrick.

Sarah Fitzpatrick.

Shocking statistics by Alcohol Concern reveal that so far this year in the UK there have been 7,528 alcohol-related deaths – likely to reach one per hour by the end of the year.

Explaining how she has turned her life around, Sarah said: “I was drinking three or four bottles of wine and often a bottle of vodka per day and was permanently either drunk or hungover.

“Through talking and listening to suggestions I began to understand the feelings that made me drink. It was often anger – with myself and sometimes with family.”

With support from Addaction, Sarah looked at why, how and when she experienced negative feelings and how she could change her lifestyle so that they didn’t arise so often and how - even if they did happen occasionally - she could cope with them in a healthier way.

Now, Sarah has taken to the stage at the Addaction National Conference in London to sing and also talk about her journey.

“I’ve always enjoyed music and the group encouraged me to try it again,” she said.

“I began to write songs, worked with a band and started exercising. Gradually, with support, I cut out drinking altogether.

“I’ve now been sober for 18 months but continue to have support from Addaction.

“I feel and look like a different person now and am so much happier.”

For help with addiction go to www.addaction.org.uk.