‘He’s not bothered’ – Hartlepool pensioner slams health secretary Jeremy Hunt over lack of hospital action

Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy Hunt

A CAMPAIGNING resident who wrote directly to a government minister to voice his concerns over the hospital services in Hartlepool is “disappointed” with his response from Westminster.

Stan Wears, 68, has followed the hospital saga with interest in recent months and has been left dismayed after seeing services stripped from the University Hospital of Hartlepool and transferred to Stockton.

Stan, who lives in South Parade with wife Kathleen, is a retired construction manager who now volunteers for Macmillan Cancer Support.

And after attending the public meeting at the Town Hall where health bosses insisted they would not consider returning services to Hartlepool, Stan took it upon himself to write a letter to Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt.

Stan said: “This is something I feel strongly about, and I heard that the council were going to send a letter so I decided to do the same.

“I was disappointed with what I heard at the Town Hall, there’s a lot of things which are not right and the cancer services being altered is a particular concern because of my involvement with Macmillan.

“Cancer patients can’t get chemotherapy at home can they?

“I wrote to Jeremy Hunt on December 3, and I put all the cuttings in from the Hartlepool Mail.

“But I got the same response as the council did, he basically just said it was nothing to do with him and they could sort it all out locally.

“It reads to me like he’s not bothered, and I’m disgusted with the reply I was sent.”

After his personal snub, Stan is now hoping the council or MP Iain Wright can persuade Mr Hunt to listen.

He added: “Something needs to happen, because this can’t continue. If it was up to me, I’d sack the whole health trust board. They’re all on astronomical salaries and it’s a disgrace what has happened in Hartlepool.

“Wynyard isn’t going to happen, it’s pie in the sky, and I’m certain despite what they are telling us they could bring services back to Hartlepool.”