HEALTH MATTERS: Radiographer launches Indian food business

Head of catering Colin Chapman with radiographer Ananda Logishetty and some examples of her culinary skills
Head of catering Colin Chapman with radiographer Ananda Logishetty and some examples of her culinary skills

A RADIOGRAPHER with a passion for cooking has teamed up with chefs for the day to share the authentic taste of Indian cooking.

Ananda Logishetty, who works part time as a senior radiographer in the North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust’s breast screening unit, has launched a start-up online business which is based in the Tees valley.

It is called Ananda’s Gourmet and it delivers either spice packs or entire meal-kits, including spices and vegetables to the doorstep of customers.

But in a new twist for one day only, Ananda supplied the spices and recipes to the restaurant chefs at the North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust.

She worked with them to carefully follow the meal kit instructions and helped them to serve up the perfect Indian dishes.

Ananda said: “I love working in the NHS, but I also have a real passion for cooking. The recipes offered by Ananda’s Gourmet are the very same handed down through generations of my family.

“My cooking is very much influenced by Moghul cooking which has its own distinctive traditions and flavours.

“I spent my childhood in a big joint family where food was a central part of life and learnt to cook from the age of ten. My parents are my leading inspiration, combining their passion for great flavour and their zest for providing fantastic food for guests.”

Ananda said her aim was “to give people an unforgettable experience of Indian food, which is influenced by different regions of India. I want you to experience the taste of my kitchen in your own home.”

Her meal kits contain a pre-packed box of fresh ingredients and spices with easy instructions for home cooking.

The kits contain fragrant Basmati rice and all that customers need to do is buy the meat or fish. Alternatively, people can also just buy the spice packs and the products are delivered to their doorstep.”

Ananda added: “It was excellent to experience working in the kitchens with the chefs and then to see everyone enjoying the food.”

Head of catering Colin Chapman: “It was a fantastic opportunity for Ananda and the chefs to work together and bring something new to the restaurant. It was so popular, we will be bringing Ananda’s Gourmet back to the restaurant in the New Year. We had queues coming out of the door and everyone was talking about how good the food tasted.”