Hope of mum who was an hour from death after bowel surgery

OPERATION: Crohns Disease sufferer Heidi Readman-Ahmed is optomistic that the next stage of her treatment will improve her health
OPERATION: Crohns Disease sufferer Heidi Readman-Ahmed is optomistic that the next stage of her treatment will improve her health

A BRAVE mum who was told she was an hour from death after surgery for a severe bowel condition is feeling optimistic after being given a date for an operation “to be put back together”.

Heidi Readman-Ahmed will go under the knife on Monday to have surgery to connect up her digestive system.

The mum-of-two was at death’s door after she spent six weeks in hospital and had parts of her digestive system removed following complications linked to bowel illness Crohn’s Disease.

The 33-year-old, from Hartlepool’s Bishop Cuthbert estate, received eight blood transfusions as doctors struggled to operate as her weight plummeted to just 5st 13lb.

She suffered internal bleeding and was told her bowel had perforated.

Medics removed abscesses along with part of her small intestine, part of her large intestine, appendix and part of her small and large bowel.

But Heidi, who runs the Make Scents shop, in The Arches, in Park Road, is now feeling overjoyed to have been given a date of Monday, June 10, to undergo corrective surgery.

It means she can get back to leading a normal life as she will no longer need her temporary ileostomy, similar to a colostomy bag, which happy-go-lucky Heidi had nicknamed her “Gucci bag”.

She is now looking forward to wearing more figure-hugging clothes, and bikinis while on holiday.

Heidi, who is mum to three-year-old Aqueel and Manal, 11, said: “I can’t wait, I feel fabulous.

“I must be the most excited person to be having an operation – I walked into the consultant’s room with my diary just wanting a date for it.

“I will need two weeks of recovery, and it just so happened that I had June 10-24 free in my diary, it’s fate.”

She said the operation will include keyhole surgery and as during her last procedure surgeons had left her with a metre of small bowel, this will be joined up to her rectum.

“It will be a case of bye, bye Gucci,” said Heidi, whose partner is Sirf Ahmed, a 39-year-old project manager for Agrilek.

“I will be able to wear normal clothes again.”

Heidi admits after being close to death during her last bout of surgery, she has had her reservations about more treatment.

She said: “Every now and again I get little bits of nerves kicking in a bit.

“But I was in worse danger then than I’m going to be now.”

The Mail reported previously that Heidi was back at work just weeks after her nightmare health ordeal last November.

“I walked out of the shop thinking I’d be two hours, but I was in the hospital for six weeks.

“But this will be a blip – I am going back to work after a week, unless for any reason they have to open me up,” she said.