In the dark over kidney disease

PEOPLE in Hartlepool, East Durham and other parts of the North-East are lagging behind when it comes to knowledge about kidney disease.

A national survey, carried out by Kidney Research UK, reveals that even though the disease is the fastest growing in the UK, 93 per cent of people in this area had little or no knowledge about it – or what its symptoms were.

Although kidney disease can affect anyone at any age, 71 per cent of those questioned thought it posed no threat to them.

Sandra Currie, chief executive of Kidney Research UK, said: “This survey highlights a deeply worrying lack of awareness in the North-East when it comes to kidney disease and goes some way to explain why the disease has reached epidemic proportions in the UK.”

More than three million people in the UK are at risk from chronic kidney disease (CKD)

The charity recently launched a new campaign aimed at highlighting the dangers of kidney disease, and raise much-needed funds.

For more information about kidney disease, Go Purple or to take a free online kidney health check, visit

Figures also show 37 per cent of people from the area had either diabetes, vascular disease or high blood pressure - all among the causes.

, while 51,000 require some form of renal replacement therapy for kidney failure – a twenty per cent increase since 2006.