'It's worth every penny' - you share your views on extra money for the NHS

The majority of you said you would pay the extra.
The majority of you said you would pay the extra.

As a national survey revealed how many people would pay extra money towards the NHS on a regular basis, we wanted to hear your views.

And more than 700 readers voted in our own online poll, with 86% pledging that they would pay £1 extra a week in support of our health service. National research found that more than 70% of people polled would pay the £1, while just over half of people would part with £2.

The results of the national poll, which were published last week, revealed that the NHS would receive an estimated £2,75billion more in funding each year if everyone paid £1.

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Here's how you reacted to our question on social media:

Shaun Keelan: "People would but they shouldn’t have to. How about we just make the rich and the companies pay more tax rather than letting the normal folk have to bail something else out."

David Douglas: "I would happily pay more tax to support the NHS. It's a tough service to get right.

"However, I would also like the NHS to make sensible choices: front line services and patient before non-medical staff, effective procurement (why does a box of paracetamol cost a tenner when Lidl sell smaller boxes for 24p), a review of all of the non-medical buildings and their use."

Bill Cowell: "Yes so long as it was ring-fenced and the government did not reduce their commitment to the NHS in response to the extra money."

Sarah Cook: "Without a doubt. My colleagues do a wonderful job and if it meant more resources for them and better care for the patients I wouldn't bat an eyelid!"

Bill Luke: "No not until they stop the waste for every £ we put into the the NHS 50p is wasted."

Ian Storey: "It has it's merits but the fund would need to be controlled by an independent body to ensure it is distributed at the front end of the NHS and not spent on administration."

Brenda Carmody: "Yes I would, and as I am at the age when I don't pay NI but still pay tax on my pension I would pay the extra in tax as long as it goes directly to patient care."

Richard Danger Atkinson: "Yes absolutely, we have it so good, just look at a US medical bill!!"

Paul Powie Lowrie: "No not until there’s a complete overhaul of the whole of the NHS because they waste money on unnecessary management who make poor decisions and waste money on products that are ridiculously overpriced when they can be sourced at a much cheaper cost."

Nathan Armstrong: "Absolutely yes 100%. Provided it goes towards the people and services that need it obviously."

Agnes George: "Most definitely. I don't think anyone would disagree. If it is used only for the NHS. People pay more than double that for a cup of coffee.

"They don't begrudge paying hundreds of pounds for mobile phones, sky TV, iTunes. The profits these companies are making could pay for the NHS."

Claire Robo: "Everyone should pay over the age of 18, then maybe they will appreciate it more.

"Everyone should also contribute to prescriptions and again may be more likely to get what they need rather than regular repeats. The waste is unbelievable."

Oliver Wallhead: "And what about next year? And the next year? It needs some kind of reform or restructure (or completely shutting it off to people who haven't paid in from abroad etc).

"At the moment we throw money at it every year, and every year it is in crisis. Something needs to change. Sadly it has been all but deified so I don't think anything will.

"The minute reform is suggested people go nuts."

Graeme Warren: "Not sure a pound would do it we would all need to do it to make a difference - what if people with more pounds added more too? That would be lovely."

Carl Lister: "Yes ... if it went to front line staff...and gave them a pay rise."

Jordan Hall: "Some of us already pay enough NI and income tax ... the problem is trusting our county's leaders to spend the cash the most cost effective way!"

Peter Chamberlayne: "Personally, I would have no problem with that, having had cause to use NHS last year.

"The main problem as I see it, is that with hardly ANY exception, no one trusts either the Government or the local authorities to pass on that extra money.

"So perhaps we could look at each hospital having its own independent fund, or collection point etc, where people could make donations, drop off cans & bottles of loose change lying around the house, etc.

"That way, we know for sure that our money IS going to the hospital & the staff directly. Secondly, I would 100% support charging ANYONE using NHS Emergency Services for Alcohol & Drug related illnesses."

Lee Kennedy: "Agree in principle but it would become another tax on the poor like VAT. £1 to someone on minimum wage is very different in real terms to someone on the national average wage."

Carole Waterman: "Yes I would a pound is neither here nor there but if every one gives then it will make a difference you never know when you are going to need this service."