Leaders back our campaign to bring back hospital service to Hartlepool

Christopher Akers-Belcher.
Christopher Akers-Belcher.

What they said:

• Coun Christopher Akers-Belcher, leader of Hartlepool Borough Council, said: “We need to put politics to one side and impress upon the health trust that Hartlepool needs to have a hospital which is sustainable.

“I will back anything to bring back services and get the hospital back to the community service that it used to be.

“This is an opportunity for everyone to pull together.”

• Coun Ray Martin-Wells, leader of the town’s Conservative group, said: “I can confirm that as chair of audit and governance I have requested an urgent meeting between myself, vice-chair Coun Stephen Akers-Belcher, council leader Coun Christopher Akers-Belcher and Alan Foster and Paul Garvin from the health trust to discuss the recent announcements.

“From the Conservative group’s point of view we would support and welcome the return of as many services as possible to the Hartlepool site until a final decision has been made on a new hospital.”

• Coun Keith Dawkins, leader of Putting Hartlepool First, said: “I actually stood for council because of the hospital issue, so I would back anything that is happening to have services brought back.

“It is something I feel very strongly about. Nobody in the town wanted services to be taken away, and I am positive that everyone in the town will get behind any proposals to bring them back.”

• Graeme Morris, Labour MP for Easington, said: “Patients in East Durham cannot wait indefinitely for a new state of the art hospital to be built, and the health trust must begin the process of returning hospital services to Hartlepool.

“Without the wider benefits of a new hospital, I cannot support the permanent transfer of hospital services to an outdated, inaccessible and cramped site at Stockton.

“This was always anticipated to be a temporary measure until the completion of a new hospital.

“I fully support the campaign to return hospital services to Hartlepool as a matter of urgency in view of the ongoing and persistent delays to the new hospital development.”

• Phillip Broughton prospective UKIP parliamentary candidate for Hartlepool, said: “I would support any new campaign to bring services back to Hartlepool.

“The announcement that the Wynyard plans were shelved is nothing more than the final nailing of a massive public deception that has been played on the people of Hartlepool and surrounding areas for the last 10 years.”

• Keith Fisher, Save Our Hospital spokesman, said: “I support this campaign 100 per cent, the people who backed Save Our Hospital will support it and I am sure the people of Hartlepool will support it.

“I have always maintained that I don’t care who saved the hospital as long as it is saved.

“It is not about politics, it is about what is best for the people of Hartlepool.”