‘Lynsey was my soulmate’

Tony Robinson with wife Lynsey
Tony Robinson with wife Lynsey

AN inspirational 29-year-old who endured an excruciating battle with cervical cancer has died after a three-year fight with the disease.

Lynsey Robinson died surrounded by her loving family and new husband, Tony, 55, at her Hartlepool home.

Today, devastated Tony, who Lynsey had described as her “rock”, said: “I feel terrible, I’m heartbroken.

“She was my soulmate and my best mate.

“I’m lost without her. “It should not have happened to somebody so young.”

Last October, Lynsey and Tony spoke to the Hartlepool Mail about her valiant fight with cancer, having been told

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the devastating news she had cervical cancer at just 26.

She described how barely an hour went by where she wasn’t crying in excruciating pain.

She told how she couldn’t stand up for more than a brief moment before she collapsed, couldn’t eat without vomiting and she could not sleep laying down without screaming due to the crippling agony she was in.

But despite her diminishing quality of life, she had accepted what was happening to her and told how she focused on battling the overpowering pain from day to day.

She lost her fight for life at 12.10pm last Saturday at the home she shared with Tony in Blake Street, in Hartlepool.

Tony, who walked down the aisle with Lynsey in January this year after their wedding was brought forward when Lynsey was told she had just months to live, said: “We knew it was going to happen. “Over the last few weeks, she had been in and out of Hartlepool and District Hospice and had a blood transfusion, and had to be put on a drip because her calcium levels were low.

“She came out and the week before she passed away, she was fantastic, she seemed to pick up.

“She had started eating again and it gave us a sense of hope. “But they say you get better before you get bad.”

Former demolition worker Tony added that Lynsey was in a lot of pain and had lost her sight after developing a blood clot at the back of her brain around five days before her death.

He added: “On Saturday she was really short of breath, and we had the doctor and nurse out.

“But we knew it was time to go, and I called all the family up to come and see her.”

But Tony, who has five children and three grandchildren from a previous marriage, said he drew small comfort from knowing she is now in a better place and out of pain.

The couple had met 10 years ago, when Tony worked as a manager at the former Churchill’s pub, in Park Road, and Lynsey was a customer.

“We used to have a laugh together”, said Tony, who appeared with Lynsey in the Mail in November after Gary Thomson, 34, organised a race night and football tournament which raised £1,500 to help fund a chair-bed for Lynsey.

“She would be the first one up to dance and was full of life.

“She would do anything for absolutely anyone.

“I’m just lost now.”

Tony praised staff at the town’s hospice as “first-class”.

The Mail previously described how medics predicted a 95 per cent of survival.

But just months later, Lynsey was facing up to the devastating truth after being told treatment wasn’t successful and the cancer was terminal.

The cancer, which had spread, had been found after the couple returned from a cruise trip and Lynsey, who had been feeling unwell for weeks, went for a smear test.

Her funeral will take place at 11am on Wednesday, at Owton Manor Baptist, in Catcote Road, Hartlepool.

It will feature a horse and carriage with blue and white plumage - the colour of her beloved Hartlepool United.