Major op for brave Bradley to get tumour removed

Bradley Lowery
Bradley Lowery

A BRAVE toddler battling a rare cancer is due to undergo a major operation to have a tumour removed.

Bradley Lowery is just two years old and has endured unthinkable pain since being diagnosed with aggressive childhood cancer neuroblastoma earlier this year.

Tests showed it started in his adrenal glands, with tumours developing in his chest, lymph nodes, bones and bone marrow.

Doctors give sufferers a 50/50 chance of survival, with 80 per cent of those declared clear expected to suffer a relapse.

Bradley, who lives with parents, Gemma and Carl Lowery, both 30, and 11-year-old brother, Kieren, in Blackhall, will undergo major surgery at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary to have a tumour removed next Thursday.

Gemma, an NHS trainer at Healthworks, in Easington Colliery, said: “Bradley had a little operation on Friday to get his central line changed and it didn’t work the way it should so it now needs taking out and re-doing, so I’m upset he has went through a lot of pain for no benefit.

“The poor little thing has been through enough without unnecessary pain.

“He is due to have major surgery next Thursday to remove his main tumour.

“This is going to take a long time and the doctors are hoping to take away as much as they can. But it can’t all be removed due to the nature of the cancer as it has wrapped itself round major arteries and nerves.

“They are hoping high-dose chemotherapy will get rid of what’s left.

“After Bradley has recovered from the surgery the plan is for him to undergo another major operation to take away the tumour in his chest.”

The Mail has previously reported that the family are campaigning to raise £500,000 for treatment in the US to fight any relapse he may suffer.

So far, £15,000 has been raised thanks to a host of events.

Now the fund has been boosted with a £1,000 donation from Hartlepool Round Table, after members read about Bradley’s plight in the Hartlepool Mail.

Funds came from the organisation’s annual beer festival last year, and they have pledged to make Bradley one of the worthy causes to benefit from this year’s event.

Round Table spokesman Mark Rycraft said: “One of our members brought Bradley to our attention during a Round Table meeting and it was agreed that we would support the cause.

“Bradley is very brave, you just can’t imagine what his parents are going through, let alone the family and the little one himself. Our hearts go out to his family.”

Gemma said: “I am very happy that the Round Table have decided to help Bradley and really appreciate them taking time out of their busy schedule to meet him and listen to his story.”

Bradley’s progress can be followed via the Facebook page, Bradley Lowery’s Fight Against Neuroblastoma, and on Twitter via @Bradleysfight.