Mum helps other families with Facebook page

HELPING OTHERS: Diane Hender working her Facebook pages.
HELPING OTHERS: Diane Hender working her Facebook pages.

DIANE Hender also finds time to work on a craniosynostosis support page to help other parents with children suffering from the condition.

The mum-of-four is an administrator on the Facebook page Cranioparents UK.

The page aims to raise awareness of the rare illness, of which there is not a great deal of knowledge.

Diane said: “I am administrator for a craniosynostosis support page on Facebook and we are aiming to raise awareness of this condition,as it transpires many people, including medical professionals, do not know about it.

“Undiagnosed, the condition can lead to intracranial pressure and brain damage.”

Diane said there are public and private sections of the social networking site page.

The closed part is for parents who may wish to vent their worries or frustrations in a private forum, while the public domain is for events or information about the illness.

Diane added: “As it’s such an unheard of condition, you can find yourself thinking ‘where should I turn for support?’

“But we are there to support parents in this position, and put them in touch with people who may be able to answer their questions.”