Nine things you said about Hartlepool's fertility services decision

The decision about the service's future was made yesterday.
The decision about the service's future was made yesterday.

Campaigners yesterday celebrated success as it was ruled that fertility services will remain available in Hartlepool.

The decision came after months of fighting for the town hospital’s Assisted Reproduction Unit to remain in operation.

At yesterday's meeting of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Audit and Governance Committee, it was confirmed that a new provider is being sought to run the unit.

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Here is what you had to say on social media about the news.

Lynn Mcdearmid: "Great news, I wouldn't have my son, (who's now 21) if it wasn't for the unit and Mr Menabawey."

Karen Michelle Green: "Great now bring back A&E."

Sue Little: "Seems there are mixed feelings about the return of service, many couples who need this service and don't fit the criteria and unfortunately have to pay for this services.

"NHS patients are still going to be seen and hopefully we won't see any difference in the service. I personally am so pleased with today's outcome."

Maureen Banks: "Fantastic news. I wouldn't have my Daniel if it wasn't for Mr Menabawey and all the brilliant staff of the fertility team.

"This is a great service for so many people, who need a bit of help to have a family."

Neil Boreland: "A&E back and station a few ambulances there as well - trying not to be disrespectful, but I'd rather see life saving than baby making in Hartlepool at least in the short term."

David Wheelhouse: "Nice to read some positive news about Hartlepool for once, well done excellent news."

Lisa Ellis: "So pleased to hear this my gorgeous twin boys who are nearly 11 months old who are my pride and joy was made possible due to the fertility team at Hartlepool it's a great unit with great staff."

Kathleen Mathiesom: "Brilliant that the IVF unit is staying but sad that it has to be 'a different' provider. Does this mean that this is the start of the privatisation of our services in our hospital building."

Mary Proctor: "Good news for the young ones who need this service."