No stopping Crohn’s mum

Heidi Readman-Ahmed who is opening up her second shop just days after surgery for a severe bowel problem
Heidi Readman-Ahmed who is opening up her second shop just days after surgery for a severe bowel problem

A DETERMINED mum has shown there is no stopping her after she expanded her business just days after a cancer scare and hospital tests for a severe bowel condition.

Crohn’s Disease sufferer Heidi Readman-Ahmed appeared in the Mail earlier in the year describing how she had made a remarkable return to work just weeks after medics gave her an hour to live.

The 33-year-old, from Hartlepool, told earlier this month she was hoping to be “put back together”, having been given a date to undergo surgery to connect up her digestive system and remove her temporary ileostomy, similar to a colostomy bag, which happy-go-lucky Heidi calls her “Gucci bag”.

But the corrective operation did not go to plan when medics discovered her bowel may split under the pressure of surgery, and further tests, at the University Hospital of Hartlepool, were rescheduled for last Thursday to determine the cause.

But just two days later, Heidi, who runs the Makes Scents shop, in The Arches, in Park Road, opened a second unit in Stockton’s High Street.

The unstoppable mum-of-two said: “I just get on with things, I don’t know how.

“I have no stop button.”

Heidi had been at death’s door last November after she spent six weeks in hospital and had parts of her digestive system removed following complications linked to Crohn’s.

She received eight blood transfusions and suffered internal bleeding and was told her bowel had perforated.

Medics removed abscesses along with part of her small intestine, part of her large intestine, appendix and part of her small and large bowel.

Heidi, mum to 11-year-old Manal and Aqeel, told how corrective surgery did not go to plan.

“They opened me up, cleared the fibrous bands that had formed between tissues, detached my stoma and then when they opened the end of my bowel, it was all narrowed,” said Heidi.

“When the surgeon went to widen it with his finger, it just would split under the pressure.”

Medics removed a small section of her bowel and sent it for pathological tests but were unsure Crohn’s was the problem.

Heidi, who lives with partner Sirf Ahmed, a 40-year-old project manager for Agrilek, and her children, in Evergreen Close, was warned that cancer could be a cause.

She said: “I thought it could be cancer up until I got my test results back last week.

“It was such a relief to know that wasn’t the case.”

Heidi says medics told her it’s likely she has diversion colitis, an inflammation of the colon.

She will get her test results back on Friday.

But in the meantime she is looking forward to making her second shop a success, while a friend runs her Hartlepool premises.

She said: “I’m excited.

“I feel brilliant, a bit tired, but I just wish all my surgery was over.

“Then I can concentrate on the business, and possibly opening more shops.”