North East holidaymakers 'most likely to go nude abroad', finds survey

Picture c/o Pixabay
Picture c/o Pixabay

Are you comfortable baring all abroad?

New research into the holiday habits of UK tourists has revealed that one in six Britons don’t mind going nude on their holidays - with those in the North East most comfortable stripping off in public.

Those in the East of England are most likely to keep their kit on, according to the poll, which also found, 31% of men choose ‘speedos’ as their preferred sunbathing attire.

Chris Clarkson, managing director of holiday website, which carried out the survey, said: "It would appear that those residing in the North East, which is known to be quite a cold region being so far up north, can’t wait to feel the heat on their skin – so much so that they decide to bare it all.

"There is nothing wrong with sunbathing naked, but it’s worth bearing in mind that many destinations will have designated areas for doing so – you may feel comfortable baring all, but some may not appreciate it, or more so may not want their family around that.”

Mr Clarkson said conducted the poll in "to find out more about British attitudes towards nudity on holiday", canvassing the opinions of 3,205 people aged 18 and over, a 50/50 split of male and female.

All participants stated that they had been on holiday at least once in the past two years, and were quizzed about their reactions to nudity on holiday.

More thought it acceptable for women to go topless on their holidays than for male holidaymakers to go nude.

Initially all respondents were asked "Do you think it’s acceptable for women to sunbathe topless?" To which two fifths of respondents (41%) stated that "yes" it’s fine, while further respondents stated that either they were "indifferent and don’t have an opinion" (35%) or that "no" it wasn’t acceptable (24%).

Of the female respondents polled, 38% stated that they had at one point or another sunbathed topless.

All respondents were then asked "Do you think that sunbathing naked (in designated areas) whilst on holiday is acceptable?" to which three quarters of respondents, 75%, felt that "no it’s not acceptable".

Just 25% felt that "yes" it was acceptable, as those choosing to go nude are on holiday and can do as they please. All respondents were then asked if they had ever sunbathed naked whilst abroad, to which just 15% confessed that "yes" they had.

All respondents who stated that they sunbathed in the nude were asked to state what regions of the UK they were from in order to determine any patterns. The results revealed which regions these naturists resided in:

1. North East - 18%

2. London – 15%

3. Northern Ireland - 11%

4. Yorkshire & Humberside - 10%

5. Scotland - 9%

6. East Midlands - 7%

7. North West - 7%

8. Wales - 7%

9. South West - 5%

10. West Midlands - 4%

11. South East - 4%

12. East of England - 3%

When asked what their top choices were for sunbathing attire, female respondents cited "bikinis/tankinis’"(42%) and "a one-piece bathing suit" (35%), whereas male respondents cited "swimming shorts/board shorts" (56%) and "speedos" (31%).

Finally, all participants were asked if they had ever "ogled" or stared a little too long at someone who was sunbathing either naked or topless, to which two thirds (66%) confessed that ‘"yes" they had.