People born in Hartlepool and East Durham have among the shortest lives in the UK

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PEOPLE born in Hartlepool have among the shortest life expectancies of all local authorities in England and Wales.

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics place life expectancy for both men and women born in Hartlepool in the bottom 10 per cent of all areas surveyed.

Hartlepool’s men can expect to live for 76.6 years, more than two years less than the 78.8 year national average, which is joint 24th out of 346 areas.

It is a similar case for women, with life expectancy for those born in Hartlepool at 81.2 years, compared to a national average of 82.8, which is joint 32nd worst.

County Durham, which includes Peterlee and Easington, has a male life expectancy of 77.5 years, which is joint 54th worst, while women can expect to live 81.4 years on average, which is joint 39th worst.

The figures for Stockton-on-Tees, which includes Billingham, Wolviston and parts of Wynyard, show men and women are expected to live 78.9 years, joint 87th worst, and 81.9 years, joint 63rd worst, respectively.

The statistics also reveal a clear “north-south divide” with nowhere from the North-East or North-West featuring in the top 10 areas for male life expectancy.

This compared to seven authorities from the South West or South East featuring in the top 10.

The report states: “The distribution of life expectancy across England was characterised by a north-south divide, with people in local areas in the north generally living shorter lives than those in the south.”