Raising awareness of cancer

HEALTH workers say they will visit every corner of the community they can as part of efforts to raise awareneass of cancer.

NHS Tees and Macmillan Cancer Support are working together by staging roadshows around the area.

Thirty people attended the first one in Hartlepool when they were given information on symptoms to look out for and spoke to Macmillan Cancer Support volunteers.

Pete Moody, Macmillan Cancer information and volunteer facilitator with NHS Tees, said: “Hartlepool’s launch event went fantastically aside from the wind and rain which nobody can control.

“We will be coming back around the region to focus on events in the smaller community areas such as church groups, residents associations and pretty much anywhere that we can squeeze in to raise awareness and interact with members of the community.

“Everybody’s been really high spirited with a positive response from all our visitors so far and the volunteers who I really admire for coming forward and supporting us during the roadshows.”

The aim of the awareness campaign is to lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment.