Save Our Hospital Campaign say decline of Hartlepool services is ‘insulting’ to residents

The University Hospital of Hartlepool
The University Hospital of Hartlepool

MEMBERS of the Save Our Hospital Campaign say services must be brought back to Hartlepool after plans for a new hospital at Wynyard were shelved.

Chairman of the group Keith Fisher said it was “insulting” to the people of Hartlepool how the University Hospital of Hartlepool had been allowed to decline and become unfeasible.

Mr Fisher said: “We never wanted (Wynyard) in the first place.

“Perhaps we should concentrate on how much has been wasted in trying to do it and who is responsible for that later.

“I think it’s been very insulting to us.

“The hospital has declined and we’ve been offered less and less until it got to being unfeasable altogether.

“For now, let’s just demand that all our services are returned.

“I’ve always said what can be moved can be moved back again.

“Let’s make it part of the Hartlepool Vision to have our hospital back to its highest star rating we were all proud of and thankful for.”

Councillor Geoff Lilley said he was “disgusted by the news and described the situation as a “disaster”.

Coun Lilley said: “I’m sorry to say the news doesn’t come as any great surprise.

“If someone like me could see it coming, surely others in the trust should have. You make sure you have the money to do it first.

“Those that have put us in this mess need to go and we need to get back to where we can provide decent hospital services for the people north of the Tees.

“This is a disaster on a monumental proportion.

“It has all just fallen down like a house of cards.

“It has been a catalogue of management failings all the way through.

“I feel most sorry for the patients and dedicated staff. They must feel absolutely gutted.

“We have been taken advantage of, I’m disgusted by the whole thing.”