Smoking in cars ‘ban’ welcomed by North-East campaigners

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NORTH-EAST campaigners have welcomed news of a Government consultation on plans to protect children from the effects of smoking in cars.

A six-week consultation is on the way and officials at the anti-smoking group Fresh said they would be urging Ministers to press ahead with a law by next year.

More than 800 children nationwide visit their doctor every day due to the serious effects of second-hand smoke exposure, according to research published by the Royal College of Physicians. In the North-East, 13,000 youngsters need hospital or GP treatment every year from breathing in smoke.

Fresh director Ailsa Rutter said: “Legislation protecting children from having to breathe-in second-hand smoke in cars would be incredibly popular, and we support it. Children hate adults smoking around them, but do not always have a voice – it is vital they deserve the protection of the law.”