Support courseto help Hartlepool carers feeling low or stressed

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A NEW support course has been launched offering help to full-time carers who are struggling to cope because they are feeling low, stressed or worried.

There are an estimated 15,000 carers in the Hartlepool area and around 40 per cent of them will experience stress or suffer with bad moods as a result of the demanding role.

Now, the NHS has teamed up with Hartlepool Carers to develop a new course specifically designed to help the dedicated carers cope with their feelings.

TalkingTherapies@tewv has launched the course which is free of charge and will be run by qualified NHS staff who have an understanding of the issues carers face on a daily basis.

Julie Wiles, service manager at TalkingTherapies@tewv, said: “Caring for loved ones can be extremely demanding.

“Carers are particularly vulnerable to experiencing stress and potentially feeling low as a consequence of their caring role.

“We can teach people more effective ways of dealing with the way they feel and would encourage anyone who is finding it difficult to cope to get in touch.”

Over three sessions on the new course, carers will learn relaxation strategies and other helpful techniques, such as how to cope with sleep problems.

They will also be taught how to identify and challenge negative thoughts which can affect their behaviour.

Kate Hogan, carer support worker at Hartlepool Carers, which is based in the town’s Lothian Road, said: “Carers make a huge contribution to the lives of the people they care for and they need our support.

“We recognise the challenges they face and how these can often impact on their ability to function as well as they would like.

“Our aim is to help them look after their own health and wellbeing so that they will be able to cope better with their caring role.”

The course consists of three two-hour sessions and runs over three consecutive weeks.

For more information about the course contact Hartlepool Carers on (01429) 283095 or visit the TalkingTherapies@tewv website at