Surf’s up for cancer survivor Kevin

Kevin Wrigglesworth
Kevin Wrigglesworth

A CANCER survivor is going to surf across a stretch of sea to raise cash for the centre that helped him to “mentally recover”.

Hartlepool man Kevin Wrigglesworth was diagnosed as having a tumour inside his nose in June last year and had to undergo an operation and have radiation therapy to make sure the cancerous cells had not spread.

He said the radiation was “horrendous” and he was only able to get through it with the help of the Holistic Cancer Centre, based at James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough.

The staff there, who rely on charitable donations, carry out treatments such as reiki, head massages, and counselling to “make patients feel human again”. Kevin, 51, of the Fens, and two of his pals, Jamie Shires, 25, and Lee Weatherill, 38, both from Hartlepool, are joining him in doing the sponsored surf from the North Gare, at the Headland, to The Front at Seaton Carew, near to Hornsey’s Bar, at 11am on Saturday, June 30.

And then in the evening, dad-of-two Kevin, who has enjoyed surfing for most of his life, has organised an acoustic music night, with raffles and tombola, in Hornsey’s Bar, from 7pm.

Kevin told the Mail: “When I was having my treatment there I said to the staff that when I feel up to it and when I feel fit, I’m going to try to give something back.

“The staff there were excellent. I’m quite an out-going person and when I was having radiation I was the lowest I’ve ever been. It destroys you.

“They do different treatments and for the half-an-hour you’re there it makes you feel human again. It helps you to be mentally strong and gives you a bit more strength. It was that good, I really did feel like it helped me to get the mindset to recover.”

Kevin, an engineering manager, said the cancerous tumour was discovered when he started to suffer nose-bleeds, bad headaches and extreme tiredness.

Tests revealed the worst and doctors performed a seven-hour operation on Kevin in August last year to remove the growth and remove his four top teeth and a piece of his jaw bone. He also had to have 100 stitches inside and outside of his face.

Kevin then had to undergo a six-week course of gruelling radiotherapy. He had his last treatment in November.