Hedge battle ends at last

Mitch Wilson after digging up his hedge to make way for the council's fence
Mitch Wilson after digging up his hedge to make way for the council's fence

A HOMEOWNER’S four-year battle with a council over a hedge has come to an end after he waved the white flag and dug it up.

Mitch Wilson has relented and removed the controversial beech bushes he had planted at the back of his garden which had impinged onto land belonging to Clavering Primary School.

The 60-year-old decided to remove the hedge so Hartlepool Borough Council, which owns the land, could build a new fence along the back of his home to reinstate the legal boundary.

It follows a four-year battle with the local authority to keep the hedge in place at the back of his garden in Alnwick Close.

Council bosses say they are pleased the hedge has been removed as it should not have been put in in the first place.

Mitch, a dad-of-two, said: “I have removed the beech hedge because all of this took its toll on me.

“So now the council can progress its plans to reinstate the fence on the legal boundary.

“I hope they take care to ensure that the concrete which will surround the post base will not project over the boundary line and I have asked that the bird nest boxes attached to the fence be strategically reinstated as they are still being used by wrens as roosting boxes.

“I will always think that plans to move the fence and carry out similar crazy plans very near to my house a complete waste of school, government and public money.

“It’d also be nice that the overhanging branches from their trees could be lopped.”

A council spokesman added: “The fact remains that the hedge should not have been planted on the council’s land in the first place so we are pleased that Mr Wilson has now removed it and we will now be reinstating the legal boundary.”

The saga started four years ago when Mitch removed a rotten fence at the bottom of his back garden and instructed a gardener to plant a hedge in its place – but it was positioned almost 2ft the wrong way onto the school’s land.