‘Help me find my long-lost stepdad’

Carl Robertson
Carl Robertson

A MAN is hoping Mail readers can help to reunite him with his long-lost stepdad who he has not seen for more than a decade.

Carl Robertson, 30, from Everett Street, off Jesmond Road, in Hartlepool, has not seen his stepfather Michael Bruce, 52, for 13 years.

He has tried asking around town venues, including pubs Michael might frequent, but has turned to Together Again for help in locating his “father figure” step-dad after having no luck in his search.

“He was my stepfather but I still saw him as my father,” said Carl, a self-employed children’s entertainer who is dad to Amelia, five, and one-year-old Lukas.

Carl, who has a partner called Hayley Lancaster, 27, added: “The last I knew, he was in Hartlepool.”

He said Michael lived with Carl’s mum Margaret Bruce in Kinbrace Road when Carl was growing up and he and Carl’s mum had a son together called Neil Bruce.

Margaret now lives in Hull, in in Humberside..

Carl added: “He brought me up for seven years from the ages of three to 10 and was there as a father figure.

“I went into foster care and contact was totally cut out from him with me even though it was against my wish.

“We lost contact.

“I want to regain that contact.

“I’ve tried looking into well-known pubs where he visited but have had no luck.

“It would be great if this column could help me after all this time.”

If Michael recognises himself, or if anyone else can help reunite the pair, Carl can be contacted on (01429) 292008 or 07825 802122.