Helping kids in Romania

(left to right) Lee Boyd, Mick Sumpter and Robert Moore
(left to right) Lee Boyd, Mick Sumpter and Robert Moore

A CHARITY trustee will be joined by two kind-hearted brickies on a trip to Romania to improve the lives of youngsters living with Down’s Syndrome.

Mick Sumpter says he has lost count of the amount of times he has visited the poverty-struck areas in the country as part of his work as a trustee for the town-based European Children’s Help Organisation (Echo).

The charity helped to build two specialist centres for youngsters in the area with Down’s Syndrome, but one, in Iasi, was battered by a gruelling spell of weather which caused the roof to cave in.

To avoid the same thing happening again, Mick decided it would be better to rebuild the roof completely as opposed to repairing it.

And his job has been made a whole lot easier thanks to generous Lee Boyd and Bob Moore, the town bricklayers who will give up a week of their time to carry out the work in Romania next week.

“It’s a fantastic gesture from Lee and Bob,” said Mick, who is also director of MKM Building Supplies, in Burn Road.

“They are extremely sought-after bricklayers in the town, so for them to give up a week of their own time and whatever they would have earned in that time is much appreciated, and I know they will do an absolutely fantastic job. We are all very much looking forward to going out there now.”

Mick said the specialist Down’s Syndrome centres are of particular importance because without them there would be no support network for young people suffering with the condition. He added: “Our centres are very-much volunteer led by mothers who have formed their own organisations to support young people with moderate or severe disabilities.”