‘Her bedroom looks like a hospital’ – Isabella is a little fighter

Isabella Gill.
Isabella Gill.

BATTLING Isabella Gill has returned home after spending almost four weeks in hospital recovering from intricate throat surgery.

Fourteen-month-old Isabella, who has Down’s Syndrome, is happy to be home says mum Donna Fenwick, who has endured a stressful month of daily hospital visits.

Daniel Gill and Donna Fenwick with their daughter Isabella Gill.

Daniel Gill and Donna Fenwick with their daughter Isabella Gill.

Donna, 41, who lives in Abigail Walk, Hartlepool, with Isabella’s dad Daniel, 41, and her eldest daughter Robyn, 16, said: “We are so happy that Isabella is home.

“Her bedroom looks like a hospital, but she’s very happy to be home.

“She’s back to normal, eating plenty and giving us lots of smiles.”

From birth Isabella had several breathing problems following complications during her premature birth, when she arrived three weeks early on April 6, 2013.

Isabella Gill.

Isabella Gill.

As her breathing deteriorated the tracheostomy operation was essential to improved the quality of her life.

The little battler spent three weeks recovering from having the breathing valve fitted at Middlesbrough’s James Cook hospital, while her parents got to grips with how to care for her.

She then spent five nights at the university Hospital of North Tees in Stockton so she could get used to her appointed community care nurses.

“It’s been a stressful time for Dan and I, as we are the only ones trained to look after her,” said Donna.

“The pressure was unbelievable as we were both still working full time while she was in hospital. The training on how to look after her tracheostomy was a bit daunting at first, but it’s second nature now.

“Robyn is wonderful, she gets involved with everything and now she’s finished school she can spend more time with Izzy.”

“It’s like having a second mum in the house,” added ICT officer, Donna.

If need, respite care will be provided by the Butterwick Hospice in Stockton until Isabella has her tracheostomy removed which is expected to be in a year.

Now Donna and Daniel are planning to host a fundrasing night to raise money for the charity.

“We are planning on having a pie and peas quiz night. We just need to find a venue and then we’ll announce the details.

“The support we have had from family and friends has been great and people who don’t even know Izzy have sent well wishes on Facebook.”