Heroes saved life of cyclist who was trapped under car in Hartlepool

TRAPPED: The scene of the incident
TRAPPED: The scene of the incident

FIVE heroes have been praised for saving the life of a cyclist as he lay trapped underneath a car following a collision.

The family of Paul Williamson have issued heartfelt thanks to the people who rushed to the aid of the 46-year-old, saying: “We are so proud of what you did. You deserve an award.”

TRAPPED UNDER CAR: Paul Williamson

TRAPPED UNDER CAR: Paul Williamson

Relatives told how Paul, from the Rift House area of Hartlepool, was on his way to work at Heerema Hartlepool where he works as a charge hand, when he was involved in an accident in which he was trapped under a car on Wednesday morning. His brother Mark Williamson, 36, said: “He had a broken pelvis and sternum, suffered cracks to two ribs, had a tear in his liver and had a collapsed lung which had to be drained and re-inflated.

“He was taken to the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough where he is in the high dependency unit.”

Mark, an articulated truck driver from the Hart Lane area of town, contacted the Hartlepool Mail yesterday and said: “He is full of morphine and he is conscious and he can’t thank everyone enough for what they have done for him.

“Paul is a man’s man. He doesn’t cry and he is a grafter but he understands that he has diced with death.

The car (right) involved in the Northgate RTA

The car (right) involved in the Northgate RTA

“They think he is going to live although they might have to put him in a coma to cope with the pain levels.”

Mark said the family had been told how up to five people had come to Paul’s aid at the scene of the accident on Wednesday.

Some of them directed traffic away from Paul. Others talked to him and reassured him while he was trapped, and one went into a nearby house where they got a jack to lever the car off Paul, said his brother.

“They are heroes,” said Mark. “It is down to the actions of these people that he is alive.

“For all each of these people were doing little things, all these things added up to saving his life. In my eyes, they have done a big thing.

“The family is so thankful and so proud of these people for doing what they have done, for going above and beyond what they had to.

“You hear about the Pride of Hartlepool awards and all of them deserve to be put forward for that.”

Who are the heroes?

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