Hi-tech help for students

COLLEGE students are set to gain from new state-of-the-art equipment.

East Durham College’s Houghall Campus in Durham City has taken delivery of a new set of intercom helmets to aid communication between students and staff working on arboriculture and horticulture courses.

Campbell Sinclair, an arboriculture lecturer at the college, said: “Communication between a trainee tree surgeon 50ft up a tree with a chainsaw and a lecturer on the ground can be difficult. So these new helmets have helped students and tutors greatly.”

The noise cancelling microphone on the 2talk Arborcom helmets filters out the background noise, allowing speech to be heard clearly and concisely.

The excellent passive attenuation also ensures hearing is protected at all times.

Student Tom Williams, 19, from Easington Colliery, added: “There is no need for any hand signals, shouting and having to stop work, which makes it much easier to learn and get on with things.

“It’s great for students and tutors in a learning environment, but they will also benefit industry as well. I feel much safer because usually you can’t hear a thing.”

The helmets have been bought by the Houghall Horticulture Training Consortium (HHTC) for use by the college’s short courses, as well as mainstream courses.

The consortium is a group which has been set up to identify and develop training requirements for the college, local businesses and local authority departments involved in the land-based sector.