Hignett is fans’ favourite for Hartlepool job

Craig Hignett is the man fans want to see as next Pools boss
Craig Hignett is the man fans want to see as next Pools boss

CRAIG Hignett is emerging as the fans’ choice to replace sacked Hartlepool FC manager Paul Murray.

Murray, 38, was shown the door after 45 days which culminated with an FA Cup defeat by Blyth Spartans.

“He was a good lad,” said Frankie Stockton of Belle View, Hartlepool. “When he was a player they reckon he had a lot more to say in the dressing room than the captain or the manager.

“The club needs to look for a way forward, we can’t keep on changing the manager.

“Craig Hignett left his job at Middlesbrough after their Blackburn game.

“I think that might be more than a coincidence.”

Derek Filby from St Aidan’s, Hartlepool, puts more blame on the players.

“They are good but not good enough,” he said. “I was upset by the cup game, we should have wiped out Blyth Spartans.

“They need new players, but the budget is very low.”

John Thornton from Owton Manor, Hartlepool, thinks it’s a bad time to sack the manager.

“They shouldn’t have done it in December,” he said.

“Hartlepool usually take about six to eight weeks to appoint a manager.

“If they stick to that, they will be without one over one of the busiest times in football.

“I’ve been told Nick Barmby has been seen around the ground recently.

“He has no experience, but needs a start somewhere.”

Mick Langley of West View, Hartlepool is backing Craig Hignett.

“The sacking was a knee-jerk reaction to a poor defeat,” he said. “The team is playing poorly and there’s no confidence among the fans.

“I would like to see Craig Hignett back.

“He left when Cooper was in charge and our results dipped after he went.

“Middlesbrough picked up when Hignett was there, so I reckon he would do a good job for us.”

Dave Kehoe from Rift House, Hartlepool, has some sympathy with Murray.

“He had only been there 45 days,” said Dave. “It’s not long enough to judge a manager.

“The poor performances are down to the players, not the manager.

“But he’s gone now, the way things have happened it could be time for Hignett to come back.”

Dave’s wife Alison is a former Hartlepool season ticket holder.

“I think they should never have appointed Murray in the first place,” she said.

“We need someone with more experience.

“I would like to see Neale Cooper come back, but he would be mad to.

“Hignett looks quite likely, he’s got nothing to lose.”