Holy Trinity pupils make plans to spend a millio

Lily Swinborne
Lily Swinborne

YOUNGSTERS at Holy Trinity CE Primary School are well prepared if they ever do win millions.

James Crosby, 11, said: “I would treat my family to a holiday, probably in Spain, and I would get them a five-star hotel.

“I would get myself a new dog as well. I already have a Labrador but I would get another one.

“I would want to stay in Hartlepool but I would buy another house for the family as well, probably in York.”

Emily Lane, 10, said: “I would save a lot of money for when I was older and I think I would go shopping and spend a few hundred pounds on clothes.

“I would give some to my family as well though, I would take them out for a meal.

“It would be brilliant to win that much money.”

Youcef Cheurfi, 11, would also take his family out for a meal.

He said: “I would take them to one of the Gordon Ramsay restaurants. I think they would like that.

“I would go out shopping and buy myself some things, but I would save a lot of money as well.

“I would want to help charity as well though and I would give a lot of money to Water Aid.”

Lily Swinborne, 11, said: “First of all I would put some money towards a charity, probably Cancer Research.

“I would save a lot of money and give some to my family as well.

“I would get a few things for myself as well, but I don’t really know what, I don’t really need too much.”

Amy Lambton, 10, said: “I would save two thirds of the money for university.

“I would like to give some to charity and to the school as well.

“I would buy my family a new house and treat them to a holiday in Florida.”

Rebecca Laking, 11, has a lot of ideas of what she would do with the money.

“I think I would buy myself a Lamborghini,” she said.

“I would treat my mam to a house abroad, she loves going on holiday.

“I would probably buy a house in Egypt.

“I would save some money for university and give some to church as well.”