Home nurse is struck off

A BULLYING care home nurse who screamed at a woman when she asked for her birthday cake and cigar has been struck off.

Kevin Brown, 52, pushed, shouted and picked on residents at the Briar Court Care Home in Hartlepool.

Brown was seen pinning a woman with learning disabilities to a chair after she refused to make another resident a cup of tea, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) heard.

Aggressive Brown also told her to ‘shut up’ when she asked if she could have her birthday cake.

Brown was handed a lifetime ban from working as a nurse anywhere in the UK.

Panel chairman Franklyn Baker said Brown had “brought the profession into disrepute” as a result of his misconduct involving patient A and two other residents between October 2007 and September 2008.

He said: “There is no insight into his failings and, far from expressing regret or apologising, he has maintained the stance that he has done nothing wrong.

“He grabbed the glasses off Patient A and pushed her, and verbally abused patients B and C.

“Mr Brown’s behaviour caused harm to patient care. These patients were frightened.

“The panel considers that his misconduct is fundamentally incompatible with continuing to be registered with the NMC.”

A spokeswoman for Castlebeck, which runs the care home, said: “Briar Court can confirm that as soon as the allegations were made against Mr Brown, we acted upon them by suspending him immediately and reporting the matter to all relevant bodies without delay.

“An internal investigation was undertaken and Mr Brown was subsequently dismissed. We then reported the matter to the NMC.

“The safety of residents is always our priority and behaviour of this nature is never accepted or tolerated by Castlebeck.”

Giving evidence during the hearing, which lasted three days, care assistant Tracy Hodgson said Brown pushed one resident, who struggled to communicate, for about a minute before snatching her glasses from her face when she failed to respond.

Brown was seen ‘pinning a patient to a chair by her shoulders’ after ordering her to her room to ‘reflect’ because she had argued with another resident about making tea.

He was also seen grabbing the resident’s top and twisting it to prevent her from going anywhere in an attack described as “very forceful”.

When the same woman celebrated her 45th birthday, Brown targeted her again by pointing and shouting in an aggressive manner when she was not allowed birthday cake and a cigar.

Anothet patient, who was nearby, tried to stick up for her friend, but was also told to ‘shut up’, the panel heard.

The striking-off order bans Brown from working as a nurse anywhere in the UK.

He will be unable to apply to be restored to the NMC register until 2016 at the earliest.