Hope of job after a year of misery

Former Garlands worker Mark Dobson.
Former Garlands worker Mark Dobson.

A FORMER Garlands worker could be set to step into his first job in a year – thanks to a helping hand from the Hartlepool Mail.

Mark Dobson, 48, featured earlier this month when we told how he had applied for more than 100 jobs since being laid off from the call centre.

He only got one reply and not one single offer of work but as soon as our story broke, a glimmer of light emerged.

His story was spotted by a Teesside company and he looks set to start on a four-month contract this week.

Mark also has an interview for a 12-month placement job in Hartlepool where he would train with a town firm towards qualifications as well as spending one day a week at college.

The single dad-of-two from the Central Estate said: “It is beginning to look like there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

He said the first job came about after someone had read about his story in the Mail and got in touch.

“I sent in a CV and I might be getting something,” he said.

Before the Mail’s story, Mark had sent off applications for care homes, factories, bars and in healthcare, many of them on minimum wages.

He said he was thinking of quitting Hartlepool and going to London in the hope of standing more chance of getting work.

Mark, of Firby Close. Hartlepool, has done his utmost to improve his employment prospects.

He has spent his time since being laid off on picking up extra qualifications in youth work and child protection.

He spoke of his delight at the prospect of getting back on the work ladder.

“I just want to sign off the dole. I want to be doing something with my time.

“I am sat around the house bored out of my brains, but this has given me hope.”

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