Hopes for high school glory

SCHOOLS in Hartlepool could be a step away from success in the dancing and arts world.

A competition called High School Festival4stars is being held in the North-East with heats planned in both the north and south of the region.

Helen Proud, the regional manager for Festival4stars North-East, is urging schools from the Hartlepool area to enter the contest in which pupils would perform dance routines they have already learned as part of their curriculum.

She described it as a “fantastic opportunity for high schools to showcase their success in music and performing arts”.

Any performance can be entered by the school and not just in the dance field.

It could be orchestras, choirs, solo singers, dance troupes and rhythmic gymnastics.

Prizes that will benefit the school and the pupils alike include music room vouchers and a film made within the school for worldwide distribution.

A venue for the heat covering the southern part of the region has yet to be chosen.

But anyone wanting more details should contact 07979087660.

Entry forms are available from info@festival4stars.com or by calling (0141) 6202300.